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We have welcomed several new staff to join our team in CBRSD this year.  Each member of the school community contributes to the educational experience of our learners.  Please join me in welcoming:  

Craneville Elementary School
Elizabeth Andrew, Paraprofessional
Rachel Appell, Teacher
Michaela Biagini, Special Education Teacher
Paula Fish, Paraprofessional
Carolan Fleer, Paraprofessional

Kittredge Elementary School

Stacey Whitney, Title I

Nessacus Regional Middle School
Kelly Allessio, Paraprofessional
Summer Daley, Paraprofessional
Joseph Dapson, English Teacher
Joseph Kovacs, Social Studies Teacher
Ashley Penna, Special Education Teacher
Heather Penney, Nurse
Henry Pollinger, English Teacher
Emily Price, School Adjustment Counselor
Thoams Ritrosky, Math Teacher
John Vosburgh, Assistant Principal of Teaching & Learning
Minna Weisberger, English Teacher

Wahconah Regional High School
Bridget Gormalley, Math Teacher
Peter Hiser, IA Tech Teacher
Joan Roy, Nurse
Katy Wixsom, School Adjustment Counselor

District Wide
Lisa Herland, Behavioral Interventionist

Please note we have had several hires across positions and are still hiring as this newsletter is being sent out.  If the list is not complete I apologize and will add anyone who is not identified here in the next memo in November. The Technology Department has also been hard at work making sure the staff directories on the website are accurate. 

In addition to our new staff we have several staff members in new positions this year.  Please join me in welcoming and congratulating the following colleagues as they begin in their new positions:

Jennifer Bell, Coordinator of Special Education
Leslie Blake-Davis, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
Rocky Daley, English/History Teacher at Wahconah
Kelli-Jean Galliher, Full time Nurse at Kittredge
MaryAnn Gingras, PK Teacher at Becket Washington
Shelly Grogan, Kindergarten Teacher at Craneville
Tara Howes, RBT at Kittredge
Elizabeth Jackson, Math Interventionist at Becket Washington/Kittredge
John McComish, Special Ed Teacher at Nessacus SPED
Lindi Russell, Foreign Language Teacher at Nessacus
Meg Smith, Special Ed Teacher at Craneville
Lynn Wesley, Math Teacher at Wahconah

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