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UDL Summer Graduate Course

We are well on our way to increase our skill set to implement UDL in the classroom!

Dear Colleagues,

We are so excited to be offering a second UDL 101 Graduate Course this summer! Over 50 educators in CBRSD took place in the UDL 101 Graduate Course offered this spring and the feedback was excellent! If you have not yet taken a graduate level course in UDL please talk with your colleagues who have about the benefits!The summer course will be slightly different as it will be completely online to accommodate people who may be out of the area and varied vacation schedules to participate. Please remember this is a graduate course for graduate credit with expectations consistent with such a course. The course is taught by an outside provider and the expectations around work completion and due dates are as well, consistent with if you were to take a course for graduate credit through MCLA.

We will need at least 15 staff members to participate to offer the course. Please sign up using the Google Form if you will be participating. You are able to use Course Reimbursement Credit through the contract for the graduate credits. Sign-ups will be open through June 15. The course will run for 6 weeks, July 9 - August 17 and will be taught by Thea Durling.

The syllabus is linked for your review. Teachers who do not currently own a copy of UDL Now! will be provided one for the course. Thanks and we are so excited to increase the knowledge and expertise of the excellent educational staff in CBRSD in UDL! There will be a UDL 102 course offered this fall for those who have completed UDL 101.

Congratulations to the following teachers who completed the graduate course this past spring:

  1. Karen Accardi
  2. Alison Bartels
  3. Teresa Bills
  4. Martha Bodine
  5. Brenda Bondini
  6. Amelia Chandler
  7. Jennifer Cimini
  8. Kimberly Clayton
  9. Patricia Conroy-Shepley
  10. Kristen Consolini
  11. Sarah DiFazio
  12. Suzanne Drury
  13. Gisel Dwyer
  14. Melinda Finnerty
  15. Stephanie Friedman
  16. Dawn Frissell
  17. Cheryl Furtek
  18. Brian Gilman
  19. Amy Grallert
  20. Shelly Grogan
  21. Debbie Kowalczyk
  22. Kimberly Lagerwall
  23. Christie Mallet
  24. Kaitlyn Manns
  25. Jessica McComish
  26. John McComish
  27. Lyndsey McDermott
  28. Courtney Meisberger
  29. Stephen Mercier
  30. Stephanie Morris
  31. Dana Oliva
  32. Aimee Packard
  33. Annie Pecor
  34. Suzanne Polo
  35. Lisa Pugh
  36. Renee Riley
  37. Lynn Robb
  38. Patty Robie
  39. Jennifer Schnopp
  40. Meagan Shannon
  41. Dawn Sickell
  42. Meghan Smith
  43. Nathan Sullivan
  44. Colleen Trager
  45. Christine Verge
  46. Melinda Walton
  47. Carole Wendling
  48. Lynn Wesley
  49. Hal Westwood

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