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Quick Resources to Understand UDL

  1. Attend Gerry Brook’s Differentiation Party! Mr. Brook’s party is actually Universally Designed in all ways but one. See if you can find when he stops Universally Designing his party to give guests choices to access the party and instead differentiates the party by making the choice for them.

  2. Spend two minutes with Dr. Katie Novak hearing about what UDL actually is!

  3. Sign up to follow @KatieNovakUDL on Twitter for great ideas and insights on UDL

  4. If you need 15 PDP’s in working with Diverse Learners as required to recertify all professional licenses through MA DESE or you just want to learn more about UDL in an online format consider taking the Inclusive Practices Course for free!

  5. Check out an article on how Flexible Seating can benefit learners through providing  choice!
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  6. Consider reading Let Them Thrive by Dr. Katie Novak to learn more about UDL from the parent’s perspective!

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