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School Committee Updates

School Committee Members serve 4 year terms. Half of the 15 member committee is up for re-election every two years. At that time the members decide if they will run for their seats again. The Regional Agreement of the district's seven towns clarifies how many seats each town will hold, but members are elected and represent the district as a whole.

Each November there is a re-organization as members leave and new members come on. At that time the committee also votes to decide who will serve as Chair and Vice Chair.

  1. Mike Hopper who has served the committee for 16 years will be stepping down in November. Please take the time to thank Mike for his service when you see him. Mike has been a strong advocate for our schools, staff and most importantly students.

  2. The following members are up for re-election this year:
                 Barbara Craft-Reiss (Becket)
                 Open Seat (Cummington)
                 Peter Gazzillo (Dalton)
                 Michael Hagmaier (Dalton)
                 Michael Hopper (Dalton)
                 Ellen Lattizzori (Dalton)

                 Shawn Armacost (Hinsdale)

  3. There are open seats in Washington, Cummington and soon to be Dalton as Mr. Hopper steps down.

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Student Loan Forgiveness

If you would like to learn more about opportunities for Student Loan Forgiveness please stop by the conference room in the Nessacus Office on Opening Day.  George Schaller from Horace Mann will be there to provide information during the lunch block.