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Welcome to the fifth edition of the Wahconah Building Project monthly update. Based upon feedback from Visioning Sessions, Community Workshops, interviews and other meetings the WBC has identified the five most important features for the design of a building project: student engagement, 21st Century Learning Skills, flexibility, safety, and environmental responsibility. These ideas are the central guiding features of the Educational Plan. This document outlines the existing educational programs at Wahconah and describes what Wahconah’s needs are for the future. The preliminary Educational Plan was approved by the CBRSD School Committee on April 26th.

First Phase of the Feasibility Study Nearing Completion

On April 26th the Wahconah Building Committee voted to approve the first part of the Feasibility Study called the Preliminary Design Program (PDP) and to submit it to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) for review on May 7th. Some of the key components of this submission include:

  • A report on the current conditions of Wahconah, which was written by a team of architects and engineers that studied Wahconah’s infrastructure.
  • The Educational Plan, which outlines Wahconah’s current offerings and the educational vision for the future.
  • 13 Preliminary designs that included baseline repair, renovation/addition, and new building options.

In early June the MSBA will provide feedback on the PDP that will guide the next part of the Feasibility Study.

Here is a link to the Education Plan Presentation for the School Committee:



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