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Eureka Math Adoption K-5

This past year, a team of elementary teachers piloted a new math program entitled Eureka Math. The rational for this pilot was to assist our students in understanding mathematical concepts from a more problem-solving approach and increasing their critical thinking skills. The members of this team were committed to trying out new approaches on behalf of all K-5 teachers and students in order to make a curriculum recommendation that matched CBRSD K-5 math criteria. Teachers used a rubric and a point system to identify components that they felt were instrumental toward meeting the Massachusetts Frameworks and the district vision and goals including Universal Design for Learning practices. What stood out in this process was that at every juncture, there was purposeful thought given to what would work best for CBRSD students and teachers in each of the three elementary schools. 

On behalf of this dedicated team of teachers, I am happy to report that there was a unanimous decision reached to adopt Eureka math for the three elementary schools. This recommendation was presented to the (School Committee) Curriculum Subcommittee and was approved by the full School Committee on May 23, 2019.

Leslie Blake-Davis
Director of Teaching and Learning

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