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Equity and Diversity Updates

Wahconah Regional High School Students Take the Pledge to End Racism in Berkshire County!

The linked PowerPoint was created by Grace Moriarty a senior at Wahconah and member of the Equity and Diversity Steering Committee.  This PowerPoint was shown to home rooms with time for students to discuss. Four seniors, Grace Moriarty, Dylan Redd (also a member of the Equity and Diversity Steering Committee), Hannah Perrault (School Committee Representative) and student leader, Anna Duquette, facilitated the collecting of pledges.  Pledges were collected during the lunch periods. As of today all students in grades 6-12 have had the opportunity to take the pledge in addition to staff and school committee members. 

SPIRIT Training through Department of Justice on June 4, 2019

SPIRIT Program through Department of Justice Training is June 4th and provided by DOJ for community volunteers who will facilitate this evidence based program in the fall in all schools. I have included an overview of the program.  SPIRIT stands for Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together. 

Linked is an article in iBerkshires with Superintendent McCandless discussing the program.

This program and our hosting of the training and piloting implementation this fall was presented at the May Race Task Force Meeting attended by County Superintendents and building based administrators.  The SPIRIT program is for all students. It is a concrete response mechanism with community participation to engage students

May 17, 2019 Equity and Diversity Day Forum at Nessacus

Twenty-five people were trained Friday May 10th and Saturday May 11th by Multicultural Bridge to facilitate a day long Equity and Diversity training at Nessacus for students this Friday. The training focused on four separate sessions’ students and teachers cycled through on Race, Gender/Sexual Identity, Poverty and Privilege and Respect across Equity and Diversity. The feedback from the facilitators was excellent and more specifics will be shared at the meeting. Following the training there was a debriefing session with the staff facilitated by Gwendolyn Van Sant from Multicultural Bridge. We had several community volunteers including two CBRSD teachers, Sarah DiFazio and Meaghan Shannon and parents Joe Diver and Jodi Massaro.

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