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Craneville Literacy Library

On June 12, Craneville School will host a ribbon cutting of a new Literacy Library to honor Marg Morrison known for her commitment and passion for teaching literacy. Marg was the first trained Reading Recovery teacher at Craneville School and as part of her dedication to this endeavor and to literacy education, created the first literacy library-which had as its location a space under Mrs. Kathy Buckley’s desk! This very first literacy library grew to a stand-alone space with book levels and topics that took into account the abilities and interests of all children. In order to keep this space well-stocked Marg, in collaboration with her colleagues, invited families to a Literacy Teas where her handmade baskets were raffled and provided funding support for books. Since that time, the teachers at Craneville have utilized this resource to assist children in turning the pages of books that have set the foundation toward becoming lifelong readers and writers.

"The journey of a lifetime begins with the turning of a page."
Rachel Anders

In honor of Marg’s career and passion toward literacy education at Craneville School, Marg’s family has made generous donation through her estate to expand her vision. An additional literacy space has been dedicated in her honor to the children at Craneville School. This space was designed to reflect Marg’s love for all children. The walls are decorated with student artwork and all book choices are intended to spark interest among Craneville’s K-5 readers. Even seating choices in this space were chosen to inspire our readers! 

A ribbon cutting of this new space will take place at Craneville School on June 12, 2:00 PM. Community members will come together to celebrate literacy education and the important role it plays in our children’s’ lives in honor of Marg Morrison’s memory.

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